Gift Certificate

From Tokotoukan

€25 Gift Certificate

It is always makes me smile when people come to my birthday with a bottle of wine as a present! I can see it in their eyes! A voice is telling me: "Give us a break, we spend 20 minutes to find a liquor shop open late in the area to even get you this!" I've been in this awkward moment countless times and I know! This is the reason it makes me smile and not moody! Nowadays "Tokotoukan Gift Cards" saved me from all this! I'm always a last minute person with the ability to continuously forget things to do, dates and birthdays but still I'm offering the coolest presents at the end of the day! I have no idea what size or color or design might be the ideal for a present and I don't care to be honest. All I do is to buy Tokotoukan Gift Cards few minutes earlier. You should try it! Less effort maximum happiness for your loved ones!