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About Tokotoukan

Tokotoukan came to life at 2008 as the result of passion and innovation for T-shirt design. The idea for an online t-shirt shop based in Greece with original designs and concepts was the main objective and guide to follow, from the very beginning until now.

Tokotoukan’s designs dispose a huge variety of themes all based on Humor and smart ideas, grew surprisingly fast a huge fan base community around our company and products. Viewing our products worn on the streets and TV was the best ever award for us and our efforts from the very early stages. Besides our fresh ideas and unique designs, our products may be easily described as the finest material quality products, with our priority to continuously search and test high quality materials and printing methods. Dropping the quality of our products is nonnegotiable and definitely not our profit strategy.

Without being planned or expected, many recognized designers and not only, preferred and trusted their designs under our wings, committing the beginning for a great designing TEAM. By the years our designer’s TEAM became stronger and bigger making us proud and open for new ideas and different styles, by meeting awesome people worldwide who share the same passion as we do.

In other words Tokotoukan, may also be described as the 1st online t-shirt shop in Greece with original designs and concepts. Offering high quality t-shirts, extremely durable and customizable with fresh designs every week!