To Casual T-Shirt αλλάζει. Δείτε τα χαρακτηριστικά του νέου style.




- Ηow to place my order?

Placing an order may be easy and quick by simply following 3 steps:


1. Browse the design of your choice, here.
Designs may easily filter from our collections by gender, category, color, style or size tabs for their availability.
Add the product to your Shopping Nest (Shopping Cart) matching your tastes, style, color and size.


2. Add to shopping Nest (Shopping cart)
Visit Shopping Nest (Shopping Cart) for a final review and double check of your order.
Proceed to checkout, and fulfil Shipping information by choosing Delivery and Payment options.
Don’t forget to use Gift Certificate or Coupons in the appropriate area for further discounts.


3. Checkout!
You are almost there!
Click the "PLACE ORDER" button to give us a bell!
Your order is on the way!

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- How to change an already placed order?

Changes are not possible once an order have been submitted in our system.

Order needs to be cancelled and placed again. This time right!

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- Ηow do I cancel my order?

Email us, using our contact form to request the cancellation of your order.
Each order is followed by a unique order number that must be mentioned on our order inquiry text box.


If your order has already shipped, instructions will be given on how to return the order to Tokotoukan.
Once your order is received, your credit card will be refunded less the original shipping charges.

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- Order Status / Stages - members

Order Received
Your order successfully submitted in our system and it is ready for production.


Order forward to production line
Your order is under production.


Order Production Completed
Production completed and your order is waiting to be shipped


Order Sent
Your Order is on the way in the hands of the Courier Company you had selected.
Depending of the shipment method, tracking number of the order might be available under the tab “My Orders” or check your emails.


Order Sent & Complete (International / Domestic)
That means your order is in your hands if not on your body.


Order Cancelled
That means that your order has been cancelled due to various reasons that will be explained by email.


Automatic payment failed
Your order hasn’t accepted from our system due to billing issues.


Order Returned
Your order returned back to us. There are 2 possible reasons for that.

1. Shipping information weren’t valid
2. Product has not being collected exceeding the time limit of the courier company, with result to be returned back to us following their policy rules.

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- Choosing Payments

Once you've selected all the purchase items, all the available paying methods will appear by selecting country destination.

We currently accept the most common payments methods, in the most of the countries worldwide.


By clicking on the "PLACE ORDER" button located in “Your Order” page, it will bring you directly to Eurobank’s Payment System page. After inserting all the appropriate data of your credit card, click on the button “PAY”. If the transaction is successful, you will be redirected back to Tokotoukan.
Once payment is completed, Tokotoukan order confirmation will be emailed for your information and record.
You may order with most common credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Diners).

We use PROXYPAY EUROBANK PAYMENT SYSTEM (with a site certification from Security Metrics) making sure that your order information and credit card details are secure.


By clicking on the "PLACE ORDER" button located in “My Order” page, it will take you directly to PayPal options, where the entire checkout process may be completed via PayPal.
Login to your PayPal account follow the instructions.
After completing checkout with PayPal, get ready to be kicked back to Tokotoukan.
Once payment is completed, Tokotoukan order confirmation will be emailed for your information and record.

Paypal can be used in the same way as a credit card together with coupons, gift cards or egg points.


Available only within Greece

We accept “Cash on delivery” with an extra €2,00 cost charge.
Products will be delivered via ACS Courier to the destination of your choice allowing the option to pay directly while receiving your order.
The additional charge is issued by the ACS Courier for their services and not by Tokotoukan.

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- Haven’t receive my order confirmation or shipping email

Most common reason is that your order confirmation email placed as “spam”.

Check your spam folder for the confirmation email first.

  • If you are a member, visit the tab “my order” and check if your order has been placed.
  • If you completed all the above steps of the checkout process without receiving our email confirmation, your order was likely placed.
  • If your order doesn’t exist, use our contact form to contact us for further system check.
  • If you are not a member, use our contact form to contact us.


Adding Tokotoukan to your email safe list will prevent spam marked mails.

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- How long does it take to ship my order?

All orders are currently shipped in an average of 2-5 business days after the submitted order. It depends from the number of the orders placed daily.

All the orders are processed immediately, usually at the same business day, and the most of our products are produced after the checkout process at the next business day.

Some items such as Unisex Hoodie or stock out products might need additional 2-3 days to be ordered from our supplier and to be delivered in house.


Usually, all the orders that are shipped in a business day, shipped at (16.00 GMT +2.00).
Every order which is going to be submitted before the above mentioned time will be shipped the next business day.

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- Why my order is cancelled?

If your order is cancelled you will receive an email report.

An order may be cancelled due to the following reasons:

1. Billing issues with the entered information.
Issues are most likely due to mismatch of the billing information with the card used.
Feel free to repeat the order again using the correct billing address or by calling your card company to confirm the validation of your data.

2. Item is out of stock.
Out of Stock message will be send to your email address with the details of the reimbursement payment.

Please visit our contact form for any declined order not followed from our email report.

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- Shipping costs

International Shipping
International shipping costs may vary based on the number of items and the destination country together with shipping method chosen.
It is not necessary to proceed filling the billing details or place an order to find out the shipping costs.

Shipping costs may be found easily by adding your items to your shopping nest and proceed to check out.
By simply entering your shipping address during the first step of the checkout process at the page “My order” you may find the different shipping options and prices, and by selecting the country at the middle column.

Shipping options and prices will be shown at the right column under the "Cart Summary".

Please note that custom fees and additional fees may apply for international shipments.

Contact to your local customs office for more info.


Internal Shipping for Greece
Available shipping inside Greece via ACS Courier, with the amount of €5,00  for any amount of t-shirts.

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- Tracking my shipment

The most of the International Orders*, are followed by tracking numbers

Usually all orders are shipped via Hellenic Post as Expedited (Standard Shipping).
Members, may track each order by select the tab “My orders” to find the order.

If the order is under the status “Order Sent” or Order Sent & Complete”, click on the order you would like to track, and find out the tracking number.

For non members, an order confirmation email will be send  including tracking numbers just before shipment.

For every other available shipping options, you can track your shipment directly at their home site for every courier.

* Only available to certain international areas.


For all Domestic Orders, inside Greece, there is always a tracking number.

If you are a member, you can track your order through your account by selecting tab “My orders” to track your order.

If your order is under the status of "Order Sent" or "Order Sent & Complete", then click on your order number to spot, the tracking number.

For non members, a confirmation email will be sent to you, providing the tracking number.

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- Receiving my order

For international orders via Hellenic Post (Standard Shipping) it is required approximatelly1-3 weeks.

However delays may occur in transit or holds at the local customs offices, so it's possible to require up to 5 weeks to be delivered

For every order inside Greece, courier company requires 1-2 working days.

Please note that custom fees and additional fees may apply for international shipments.

Please contact your local customs office for more info.

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- Not received orders

Please check first, your Order Status and double check if your order was shipped to the correct address.

International orders:
Standard Shipping – Expedited:

Please check the tracking number of your order and also review again the expected delivery time email confirmation send.

Many delays occurred at country borders customs or during other routings
Please check your local postal and customs offices find out if your order is being on hold there.
Please contact us if your tracking number status is not updated or when the order status appears to be delivered without receiving it.


Domestic (Greek) order:
Check the tracking number issued when the status of the order changed to “Order Sent” or Order Sent & Completed”.

Sometimes ACS Courier will hide the "order notification note" of shipment or leave it within a neighbour if no one is home to accept it.

For more info, call 801-500 1111 (this tel. number is only available for Domestic orders inside Greece), and using the tracking number, ask ACS Courier for some extra help.

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- Avoiding custom fees

Please contact your local customs office to find out more about custom fees charges or the certain amount of goods allowed without duties and taxes.

Custom fees are controlled, determined and collected by the government of each country and not by Tokotoukan.

Fooling customs office by sending orders as gifts or by filling custom forms inappropriately, hide a high risk  to be prohibited to ship again in this country or best case scenario to return us back the shipment.

Tokotoukan will not be involved with such actions.

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- PO/APO/AE BOX Shipping

Shipping is also available to Military addresses and PO APO/FPO Box addresses.

Please insert into the shipping Info section at check out the full details of PO Box address by mentioning that this is a PO/APO/AE box address.

Standard Shipping - (Postal Shipping) is the only available option.

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- Order History View

Only our members are able to view Order History

Log in using Tokotoukan user account, either Facebook or Google+ account.

Click at the top of the page at “My Account” and proceed by selecting the tab “My Orders” at the next screen to view your Order History.

If you would like to see more details about previous orders, click on the order number.

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- Forgot your Username or Password?

Hard to Remember,/ easy to Forget Syndrome?
Not a big deal at all!

Users may alternatively Log in using your email address in case you forgot your Username.

If you forgot your password, please request a new password here in case your password is impossible to be remembered.

Submit the email address associated with your account, and press the button “Reset”.
An email will be send to the provided address with a request link, where it brings you inside Tokotoukan's specific page allowing you to submit a new password.
Once you receive the email, login and go to your Account page.

Please note, that if you have registered as member using your Facebook Account or G+ Account, reset password is not available.

Once you changed your password successfully, login in using your new installed password.

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- Change your Username

Sorry! Your Username is Unique and it is edited only once. If Username change is necessary then, current account must be deleted and new one to be created.

Please note, by deleting your current account, all of your data will be lost (including your order history, earned Eggs etc.)

To do this, use our contact form, and provide us the following:

  • Existing email address or Username
  • and also write us that you like to delete your account
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- Creating a User Account

Welcome “username”!

There are 3 different ways to create a Tokotoukan account:

1. Signing up to Tokotoukan.
Click the blue button “Sign up” in the top of the page. Then fulfil the required fields, such as a username, password, and a valid email address.
Please note, that once you submit your username you will not be able to change it. So be creative and sure about it, and the minimum length of the password is 6 characters.

2.Using your existing Facebook account
By clicking on the top of the page at the facebook icon “f” or click on the link “Log in”, at the same place of the screen, near the facebook icon. A pop up window will appear, and find the appropriate button “Facebook Login”.

3.Using your existing Google+  account
Just click on the top of the page at the Google+ icon  or click on the link “Log in”, at the same place of the screen, near the G+ icon. A pop up window will appear, and find the appropriate button “Google+ Login”.

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- Personal info and account updates

Log in to your Account. Click on the top of the page on "Account", right from your username. You can edit anything except your Username, which is locked. 

Edit your Last name, First name, change your current password, your email, date of birth, personal url etc. and press Save.

Please Note that if you have logged in using Facebook or Google+ account, you are not able to change your password.

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- Troubles to log in my Tokotoukan user account

Some possible may be described below:

Forgot username or password
Please visit the section “Forgot your username or password?” for further instructions.

Not receive new password yet
Firstly check your spam folder. Don’t forget to add Tokotoukan to your safe list. After requesting to reset your password and create a new one, an email notification will be sent to you immediately. Follow the instructions, and make a new password.

If after all you haven’t received the email notification, feel free and use our contact form to help you.

Trouble with Facebook / Google+ login?
You may use the Facebook or Google+ accounts to login instead of creating a Tokotoukan account.


Each way you will be treated as a member with all the benefits.


Please note, that once you have been registered as member using your Facebook/Google+ account, it is unable to create a new member account.

Being registering either from Facebook or Google+ login, will exempt you from creating a new member account from our site.

By creating a new member account previous orders or earned egg points will be not transferred from your Facebook or Google+ accounts.

If you would like to make a new profile, try to delete the current one, and sign up for a new.
However please note that all of your previous orders, earned Eggs(points), will be lost.

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- Being a Tokotoukan Member

Being a Tokotoukan member costs nothing besides offers many privileges:

- Earning Eggs (points) by ordering, commenting on designs, love etc.
- Be part of our designing team and submit your design.
- Upload photos from worn t-shirts, and be one of the “Cool Customers” or one of the “Real Size Info   Models”
- View your order history, and your earned eggs points
- Track your order, if available
- Special Discounts 
- Quicker check out process

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- Do I need an account to place an order?

Not really!.

Just use our quick check-out process by simply following the 5 steps below:

1. Choose your item(s)
2. Add them to Nest (Shopping cart)
3. Full fill Shipping Address
4. Choose Delivery and Payment options
5. Open the door to the courier.

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- Activating my account

Activating an account requires the bellow process:

After submitting your info (Username, Password, email), an activating email notification will be sent to you automatically. Follow email's instructions to activate your account.

Note: If you don't receive our email, check your spam folder and if nothing is there, contact us by using our Contact form.

We will be happy to activate your account manually in our system

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- Changing my profile picture

Why not? Sure you can by following the steps below:

Log in to your Tokotoukan user account, and click to "Account" in the top of the page.

It will route you at “My Account” page. Find the tab “My Photos” and at the top of this current page, choose “Upload new profile pic”.

Your previous profile picture will be replaced with the newly uploaded one.


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- Haven't received account's activation email notification?

Firstly check your spam folder. Don’t forget to add Tokotoukan to your safe list. If you still can't find it, use our contact form, and inform us, with your Username and Email address used to create the account.

We will be happy to activate it for you.

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- Earning Eggs

See below our Egg (points) pay table for each action:

1. For every 1€ of purchase you earn 10 Eggs
2. For every 10 comments you leave, you earn 1 Egg
3. For every 10 “loves” on our designs, you earn 1 Egg
4. For every design upload in Cool customers area, you earn 50 Eggs
5. For every design upload in Real Size Info area, you earn 50 Eggs
6. Becoming a member is awarded instantly by 10 Eggs
7. Subscribing to our newsletters, awards 10 Eggs

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- Exchanging my earned Eggs

By reaching the specified number of Εggs you are able to exchange them with Tokotoukan Gift Certificate.

- Exchange 1500 "Available" Eggs – for €10 Tokotoukan Gift Certificate
- Exchange 4500 "
Available" Eggs – for €25 Tokotoukan Gift Certificate
- Exchange 6000 "
Available" Eggs – for €50 Tokotoukan Gift Certificate

Log in, and visit at the top of the page “My Account” tab.
It will route you at the page with your account. Click on the tab “My Eggs”, and see how many Eggs are "
Available" so far!

If the “Available” number of collected Eggs is equal or bigger than the Eggs you would like to exchange, just click in the button “Exchange”
A pop up window will appear, allowing you choose one of the three options, depending of the availability of your Eggs.

Please Note that Collected Eggs (points) are for Tokotoukan purposes and cannot be exchanged with real money.

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- Exchange my Eggs with real money

Not in this life!

The Collected Eggs (points) will never be exchanged with real money.
It can be only exchanged by Tokotoukan Gift Certificates.

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- Uploading photos for “Real Size Info” or “Cool Customers”

Log in, and visit your account in the top of the page.
Click on the tab "My Photos" and find in which section you would like to upload a photo.
You are able to upload to Cool Customers or Real Size Info.

Real Size Info
Choose the Right Section Real Size Info and write down your height, and your weight.
Be specific since it will helps other people to make the right choice.
Upload your photo, and wait for our approval.
Being a part of Real Size Info models is awarded with 50 Eggs / per photo

Cool Customers Photo
Choose the Left Section Cool Customers and select the design that reflects to the worn t-shirt
Upload your photo, and wait for our approval.
Being a part of our Cool Customers models is awarded with 50 Eggs / per photo.


Uploaded photo will be approved only if:

  • are very clear,
  • are well focused,
  • do not exceed 1Mb,
  • contains Tokotoukan worn t-shirts.


Uploaded photo will be rejected only if:

  • are not bright,
  • are not clear,
  • contain inappropriate material,
  • or the section of its destination is full (this may happen only for real size info)
  • View some examples here.

Tokotoukan will decide for the approval of each uploaded photo by evaluating the above criteria of each photo.
Photos that support Tokotoukan’s needs will be preferred and will be first of our choice.

Don’t get disappointed if your photo is declined.

We encourage you to  try a better shot!

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- What are those images beside my profile photo?

Badges are the small icons next to profile picture of each member and split in two main categories (Members & Designers badges) describing the status of each member and designer.


Member Badges


1. Member - Default icon
Everyone who subscribes and creates an account is awarded with the Member batch. Welcome to the TEAM! Buying, participating and spreading love will bring you higher to our hierarchy.

2. Silver Member
Silver members own enough products and express their love by participating to our community! This separates them from the rest of the members.

3. Gold Member
No need for explanations. You’ve done a lot in order to be here! Gold members are the leaders of our community. They never miss a chance to participate in every aspect of our community spreading their love daily. Not to mention the amount of our products they own. Their word is count a lot!



Designer Badges


1. Not a Designer - Default icon
The member who has no currently submitted a design yet. Try your skills by submitting your design here

2. Rookie
Not necessarily a limited skills designer. Rookie is the designer with 1-5 printed designs.

3. Experienced
Experienced designer is the one with 6-20 printed designs. Perhaps knows our tastes.

4. Veteran
Veterans have 20 and over printed designs and it’s obvious we love to work with them.

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- Find your size

Not very sure? Let us help you.

Our size info on each item’s page will guide you.

By selecting “Size info” you will be able to go through “Real Size Info” area.
Available “Real Size Info” models will demonstrate you the product providing real size characteristics for your comparison.

Shirts are measured by width and Length.

All shirt Widths measured from under the arms (chest) while laid flat. All Lengths measured from bottom of shirt to the highest point of the shoulder. If you're unsure what size to buy, try measuring a similar shirt that you already own, that fits well, and compare those measurements to the size chart. These measurements are approximate and are accurate for the majority of the shirts we print and ship. The exact measurements can and do vary slightly. For more information about sizes, click here

Size may also vary from style to style.

The Shirt styles are listed below.

• Oversized Fit
(Men's Casual Tee [ex. Men's Classic], Womens V Neck) – More spacey and comfy

• Regular Fit
(Men's Perfect Tee [ex. Men's Fit], Womens Tank Top [ex. Women's Sport], Unisex Hoodie, Kids Casual Tee [ex. Kids Classic]) – Pretty regular.

• Slim Fit
(Women's Casual Tee [ex. Women's Classic]) – Tight

Depending on your preferences you might consider to order a size up for a Slim Fit shirt or a size down for an Oversized one.

The majority of our shirts are made of 100% cotton. They may shrink a little when washed.

Please note, our products may shrink a bit after washing. Maximum wash temperature 40 oC, wash inside out with like colors.

If you ordered a size and without being happy with the fit, feel free to return or exchange any items within 60 days.

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- How to take advantage “Real Life Size info”?

Real Life Size Info is a helpful feature for the user to compare size characteristics with our Real Life Size Models and to visualize the product’s size. In other words it is a virtual probe for each user to review product’s size.

Characteristics such as Height and Weight accompanying all of our Real Life Size Model.

Become one of our Real Size Info Models by simply following the below steps:

1. Visit your account, under “My photos” tab.
Real Size Info column should be found at your right

2. Select the Style and the Size of the shirt owned together with Weight and Height.
Participating to this feature is optional and will provide huge help to other users.
Therefore each provided data should reflect to reality and to be precise.

3. Upload your photo demonstrating the Tokotoukan t-shirt. you own (maximum photo size 1Mb)

4. Each uploaded photo will be published on our Real Life Size Info Gallery after our approval leaving you with extra 50 Eggs to spend on future purchases.

More info here

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- How to treat your shirts?

Highlander might live less than your t-shirt if you follow some simple tricks!

• Maximum wash temperature 40oC. Wash dark colors separately. Wash inside out with like colors. Do not iron printed area. Do not bleach
• The t-shirts are primarily 100% cotton so expect some shrinkage. To lessen this, try hang drying your t-shirts.

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- Print methods and printing quality

Researching and testing various printing methods for many years left us stuck with the following ones:

1. Heat Transfer
We use one of the thinnest and more flex transfer paper in the market, making the feel of the design over the t-shirt very light and which never cracks. All the designs which are using this method are printed use eco-solvent inks which are durable and very bright, for amazing results

2. Screen Printing
The most professional result. Soft touch, high durability and high quality over the t-shirts!


Simply visit  "Fine feathers make fine birds" Section  and check which method each of our designs are printed.

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- What are your t-shirts made of?

Men's Casual Tee
The Men's Casual Tee (ex Men's Classic T-Shirt) is manufactured by B&C (model - Exact 150), made of 100% cotton, pre-shrunk, and is ring-spun for super softness. Generous cut tubular construction. Exact 2-ply crew neck 1x1 ribbed collar with Elastane. Oversized fit. More spacey and comfy.

Lenght (cm) 69 72 74 76 78 80
Width (cm) 50 53 56 59 62 64

* Color limitations for XXXL size

Men's Perfect Tee
The Men's Perfect Tee (ex Men's Fit T-Shirt) is manufactured by B&C (model - Men Only), made of 100% cotton, pre-shrunk, and is ring-spun for super softness. 1x1 ribbed R-neck. Side seams. It is a little softer and thinner than our Men's Classic Tee, so it does drape better. The dimensions of the body are about the half size down than our Men's Classic Tee, and the sleeves are both narrower and shorter. Regular fit.

Lenght (cm) 67 69 71 73 75 -
Width (cm) 48 51 54 57 60 -

Unisex Hoodie
The Unisex Hoodie is manufactured by B&C (model - BC Hooded). Lined hood with drawstring Kangaroo pocket with reinforced seams. Shoulders and armholes with flat-lock topstitch. Modern cut. Cotton-rich outside, with pure plush cotton inside for soothing softness. Plus, it's crafted for low-pill durability with patented high-stitch fleece. Hoodie is 80% Cotton - 20% Polyester. Regular fit.

Lenght (cm) 65,50 67,50 69,50 71,50 73,50 -
Width (cm) 53 56,50 60 63,50 67 -

Women's Casual Tee
The Women's Casual Tee (ex Women's Classic T-Shirt) is manufactured by B&C (model - Women Only), made of 100% cotton, pre-shrunk, and is ring-spun for super softness. Thin R-neck collar in self-fabric. Side seams. Short sleeve women T-shirt. Slim fit.

Lenght (cm) 57,50 59 60,50 62 68,50 -
Width (cm) 40,50 43 46,50 50 53,50 -

* Color limitations for XXL size

Women's V Neck Slub Tee
The Women's V Neck Tee is manufactured by B&C (model - Blondie Slub) made of 100% coton pre-shrunk, and is ring-spun for super softness. It has a Vintage look. Feminine V-Neck collar in self fabric with edge stitching. Raglan sleeves. Bottom and sleeve hems with double top stitching. Inside flatlock for more comfort. Necktape. Oversized fit.

Lenght (cm) 65,10 66,20 67,30 - - -
Width (cm) 47,60 50,60 53,60 - - -

Women's Tank Top
The Women's Tank Top (ex Women's Sport) is manufactured by Nath (model - Capri), made of 100% semi-combed cotton, ring-spun. Rib binding. Regular fit.

Lenght (cm) - 58 60 63 - -
Width (cm) - 36 38 41 - -

Kids' Casual Tee
The Kids' Classic Tee (ex Kids Classic T-Shirt) is manufactured by B&C (model - Exact 150 Kids), made of 100% cotton, pre-shrunk, and is ring-spun for super softness. Regular fit.

1-2 yrs* 3-4 yrs* 5-6yrs 7-8 yrs 9-11 yrs 12-14 yrs
Lenght (cm) 40 43 46 51 56 63
Width (cm) 30 33 36 39 42 45

* Color limitations for 1-2 years & 3-4 years sizes

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- How Gift Certificates work?

Gift Certificates
Gift Certificates may always be the best gift for your loved ones. Wishing cards are awesome but our gift cards will bring more joy! Our gift cards are available in €25, €50, €100.

Visit our specific page to find out more of how to purchase the Gift Certificate.


How to Exchange
Gift certificate is a unique code made out of numbers and characters reflecting to a specific amount category.
Gift certificates may be purchased electronically through our site via email notification after the purchase

During the checkout process, Gift code should be filled in the “Coupon / Gift Card” area. Apply the code by click on the “blue button”.

Automatically our system verifies the Certificate code and abstracting the amount of the gift credits from the original amount.

In case gift certificate amount exceeds the order total, the balance will remain on the Gift Certificate code to be used for future orders.

Please contact us if you face problems exchanging your gift certificate credits, by using our contact form.

Note: Gift Certificates are valid only for our products and may be used once.


How to offer a Gift Certificate
A Gift Certificate may be purchased by you and offered to your loved ones easily.

At the checkout page, please select “Email” on the Delivery option.
After purchasing the Gift Certificate, an email notification will be sent to you instantly including the code and a link “Send it to friend”

Click on the link “Send it to friend” you will be transferred to a specific page, where you enter the recipient’s email.

Alternatively instead of forwarding Certificate code number to your loved ones, you may also print it and offer it personally to experience live their pleasant surprise.

Note: Please do not enter recipient’s email address during check out, since your order confirmation will be send to recipient.


Gift Certificate's Shelf Life.
Gift certificates expire 3 years from the issue date.


Using Gift certificate
Gift certificates may be used for multiple orders or partially. Leftover amount may be used for future purchase. For example using a 25€ gift certificate for a 18€ purchase will leave you with 7€ that can be used in the near future.


Return a Gift certificate
Gift certificates cannot be returned.


Will I receive a physical Gift Certificate?
No, our gift certificates are only electronic.
The gift certificate codes will be sent via email.
However they can be printed and offered from you personally to your loved one by experiencing live his pleasant surprise.

If you forwarded the gift certificate to the recipient, without receiving it, please contact us to guide you how to resend the gift certificate email.


PLEASE NOTE: Gift certificates will not be posted. After the purchase, an email notification will be send including the forward link.
Following link’s instructions you will be able to forward the gift certificate to your friend or print the gift code.

To view your gift-giving options please click "Send it to a Friend" in your email confirmation.

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- Using a Gift Certificate or a Coupon

Before you begin checkout process apply your gift certificate or coupon code in your shopping nest. Code is unique and is a combination of numbers and letters. Make sure you type it right.

At the very bottom of your shopping nest click on the "Gift Certificate / Coupon" link and enter your code number. Then press the blue button to apply. By then click “Apply” the amount of your original order will be deducted.

To cancel the use of your Gift Code, click “X” button next to the code in your shopping cart in case you changed your mind and you wish to use it next time.

In case Gift Certificate amount exceeds the order total, the balance will remain on the Gift Certificate code to be used for future orders.

In case Coupon amount exceeds the order total, the balance will be exchanged on Eggs, only if you are a Tokotoukan member. If not, the balance will be lost.

Please note:
Giftception is not possible. Giftception is “our” word made out of the word Gift and the famous movie “Inception”. In other words coupons and gift certificates cannot be used for gift certificates purchases.

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- Using Gift Certificate or Coupon to buy a Gift Certificate

No Giftceptions!

Gift Certificates can only be purchased by credit card, or PayPal.

Gift Certificates or Coupons can't be used to purchase Gift Certificates.

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- Haven’t received my Gift Certificate

If you haven't receive the Gift Certificate order confirmation, please check your spam folder and make sure to add Tokotoukan to your safe list.

Alternatively you may check your Order Status to check if your order exists.
Please contact us. For our assistance locating your order information, by providing us the full name of the order and your email address.

Remember, Gift Certificates will be send only via email and not by post.
Gift Certificate order confirmation includes all you need.

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- What if my Gift Certificate exceeds the final cost price?

The rest of the amount can be used for future orders.

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- What if my Coupon exceeds the final cost price?

If you are a member, and the Coupon exceeds the final cost price, the rest of the amount will be exchanged to Eggs.

Note that every 1€ converts to 10 Eggs.

For non members, the rest of the amount cannot be exchanged and will be lost.

Be a member then and “Use them, don’t lose them”.

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- More about the Eggs

Eggs is a point system that rewards our customer and converts every buy and participation to Eggs (points).
A specific amount of collected Eggs, may be exchanged with a gift card that can be used for your next orders.


  • 1500 "Available" Eggs, correspond to a 10€ Gift Certificate
  • 4500 "Available" Eggs, correspond to a 20€ Gift Certificate
  • 6500 "Available" Eggs, correspond to a 30€ Gift Certificate

Every time you exchange Eggs with Gift Certificates, Eggs (points) reduced from your account accordingly. To reach big value gift certificates, be patient.

To reach faster Eggs (points) and enjoy their privileges, you may gather massive orders from your friends & family and place them from your account.


What are you waiting for? Be the leader of your wolf pack and enjoy the profit.

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- Earning Eggs

You earn Eggs for the following actions:

1. For every 1€ of purchase you earn 10 Eggs.
2. For every 10 comments you earn 1 Egg
3. For every 10 “Love” you earn 1 Egg
4. For every different product photo upload in Cool Customers area, you earn 50 Eggs
5. For every different product photo upload in Real Size Info area, you earn 50 Eggs
6. Become a member you instantly earn 10 Eggs
7. Subscribing our newsletters  you earn 10 Eggs

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- Exchanging earned Eggs

It is very simple and quick by visiting your profile, to find the tab “My Eggs.”

By click on the “My Eggs” tab you may be able to review your collected Eggs (points).

If your "Available" Eggs are enough to exchange them with a Gift Certificate, click on the green button”....” and choose the available gift certificate.

After the exchange the "Available" Eggs will be reduced depending on the number of the Eggs used.

An email confirmation will be sent, including the Gift Certificate code.

In case of technical issues the email is not hidden as spam or send at all, please visit this current page at the “history” link to find your number that can be used for your next order.

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- Why some Eggs pending?

Any Eggs (points) earned from an order that have been shipped but haven’t received yet use orange color and have the status "Pending"

When the order status become “Order Sent & Complete” your Eggs turn to green and they are "Available" and ready for use.


For international orders we allow about 60 days, from the day of shipment, till the Eggs getting from "Pending" to "Available", depending always on the shipping method.


For orders inside Greece the Eggs are getting "Available" almost immediately the day after being received.

Orders shipped using speed couriers, Eggs turn to "Available" in about 5 days.

For any reason, if an order is getting returned, all the earned Eggs automatically removed.

If you have any trouble, don’t hesitate to contact us by using our contact form.

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- Using a Coupon or a Gift Certificate to buy items and a Gift Certificate together

This is not possible.

You should buy them separately. If you want to use your Coupon / Gift Certificate, add only items in your shopping nest.

Then, proceed with a new order and use the Gift Certificate to purchase.

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- Earning Eggs by purchasing a Gift certificate

Sure you do! Buyer always does.

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- Earning Eggs by using a Coupon or a Gift Certificate

Each member earns 10 Eggs for every 1€ of a total purchase.
Therefore discounts will leave you with less purchase amount consequently with less earned Eggs.

For example, using a Gift Certificate of 20€ from your total order of 50€ will leave you with final purchase amount of 30€. Earned Eggs will be gained from the final paid amount (30€ x10 Eggs = 300 Eggs).

Please note that Eggs cannot be earned from shipping charges.

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- How long are the Gift Certificates valid?

Gift Certificates expire 3 Years from the issue date.

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- Return a product

Non satisfying products may be returned to us with the below alternative options:
- Replace it with another product
- Replace it with Tokotoukan Gift Card or
- Return your original payment

Returned products may not exceed

- 60 days after the date of the original order - International orders -
- 15 days after the date of the original order - Domestic Orders –Greece


Please fill out the return form which may be found on the back of the invoice form. Or alternatively may be found here Return Form

Please indicate the cause of the return together with exchange option of your choice.

Please also include

- Your name,
- Email address, and
- Order number together with the returned item

Shipping Charges for returned products back to us, will be covered from your side


If you're requesting for an exchange, replacement item(s) will be send to you  at no charge.

If the item(s) you request is not available when the return is processed, we will issue you Tokotoukan Gift Card instead.
If you do not want a Gift Card, email us to change it out for a refund or a different item(s).
If you're asking for a refund, you'll only be reimbursed for the item(s) returned.

The original shipping cost is non-refundable.

NOTE: All returned items must be in the original condition you received them in. We do not accept washed items.


Please return or exchange any "store bought items" at a Tokotoukan Retail Store location.

Store purchases are not eligible for online returns.


Please feel free to contact us for further questions about returns.

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- Exchanges Policy

Our Policy requires same or similar items exchange.

If the purchased item made during sales period, the exchange value will reflect to the purchased price of the product on sales period, unless it is exchanged with the same design but in different size.

Please include your credit card number in case the exchange requires a higher price item to charge you for the extra difference.

For lower value exchange, it is recommended to return the product for a refund or Tokotoukan Gift Card instead.

Refund or Tokotoukan Gift Card will reflect to the amount paid for the item(s).

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- Return Form

Download the Return Form.

You should have Adobe Acrobat Reader to open it.

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- Return Shipping Policy

If the cause of the return becomes from Tokotoukan side, return shipping costs will be covered by Tokotoukan as long as the shipping methods is standard and not expedited.

If the cause of the return is based on unsatisfied choice or to be exchanged with different T-shirt then shipping costs will be covered by customer's side.

Please contact us before you return any product at for our instructions.
Original shipping costs are non – refundable unless return is caused from our side error regarding the initial order.

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- Return Procedure and Process

Schedule depends on the availability of the items:
- If the  item(s) are in stock, usually take us 1-3 business days to send them back to you, after we received the returned item(s).

- If the items are out of stock it will take us 1-2 weeks for the replacement, after we receive your order back.

- If the items are out of stock and will not be available again, we will contact you by email for the below possible options:

i. Replace it with another product
ii. Refund to your original payment of the return items
(the original shipping cost is non refundable) or
iii. Purchase you a Tokotoukan Gift Certificate for the original payment (the original shipping cost is non refundable)

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- Return a gift

To return a gift, requires the filling of the return form and order number as instructed in our section.

Please provide us details about the gifted item together with your email address and shipping address.
You will notify via email regarding the exchange item once it is shipped to your address.

In case the order number is not available from your side please contact us to provide us the name of the person send you the gift together with the size of the item(s).

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- Return at Retail Store

If returned product purchased originally from our retail store please provide us back the item together with the receipt of the purchase.

If product purchased online, the Tokotoukan Retail store isn't able to accept returns from online purchases, but you can return or exchange at our headquarters to

11, Ag. Trifonos str., Postal 145 – 62, Kifissia, Athens. 
Monday till Friday 9am to 7pm (GMT +2.00).

It will be a pleasure to exchange returned item(s) for any in stock design, or process a refund or Tokotoukan Gift Certificate.

Feel free to return within 60 days from your online purchase together with your order number for International orders and within 15 days from your online purchase for orders inside Greece.

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- Declined Returns

Washed and/or worn t-shirts are not accepted.

If a washed and/or worn item is returned, it will be refused and sent back to the customer.
Please return all t-shirts in the same condition it was received.

Return shipping charges are the responsibility of the customer unless the return is the fault of Tokotoukan.

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- I’m a designer. How can I send my work?

Any unique idea & funny design may be submitted in our submit section. Your submitted design will be examined and evaluated further by our team.  Designs with positive feedback are most likely to be chosen for print. Designer will receive an email notification when his/her design is chosen to be printed from Tokotoukan together with all relevant information, regarding profits per sale and on line tracking of their sales.

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- Do I keep the rights to my artwork?

The rights for production and sale of the printed Designs will remain to Tokotoukan.

Designers are not allowed to modify or use elements of the chosen design for other submissions. Designers however do have all rights to include their work for promotional, portfolio and non commercial reasons.

Please contact us in case you want to receive back the rights of your design.

When your Design is printed, Tokotoukan earns the rights to print and sell your design on any product.

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- How do I get paid if my design is picked?

Designers earn 7% from each sale of their design/s out of the final price of the product plus additional awards (if any) in case of special competitions (Contests).


Printed Designers will have access to our “Real Time” platform to review their sales and be updated.

To review the sales of your designs please Log In and click to “my account” on the very top left corner of our site.

Proceed by selecting the section “My Designs”. Designs section includes the printed designs of each artist, providing analytically the sales per order by clicking on each design.

Each sale includes the below information:

- Order Number

- Date of order

- Order Status

- Quantity ordered

- Type/Style ordered

- Final sold price

- Profit percentage

- Profit amount

Designers will be paid when each order turns green with status Order Sent and Completed”. That means that the order has been send and received successfully.

Any orange color order status may be described below:

- Order Received – Order has been received at our system

- Order forward to production line - Order is under production

- Order Production Completed - Production of the order is completed

- Order Sent - Order sent pending to be received by the client.

Additionally orange color status may have the below categories “Order automatically failed" or "Order payment failed”. Those categories are automatically deleted from our system in a very short time period. Those cancellations are mostly orders placed via Credit Cards or Paypal that have been blocked due to various reasons.

Orders with red color under the status “Order Cancelled" or "Order Returned” will turn automatically the profit amount of the sale to 0,00€.

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- How often do I get paid?

Within the first 10 days of each month and only for Sent and Complete - orders with green color.

Every designer will be paid through Paypal.

In each Paypal payment, Paypal always commissions an amount. Tokotoukan payment will not include this extra commission.

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- How long does it take for an order’s status to change?

Order status needs time to turn Sent & complete from Order Send, depending on the Shipping method together with the destination of it.

For any order within Greece, the maximum time period needed to be received is 10 to 15 days.

There is always the possibility for the buyer to return the order or to ask for cancellation. This will automatically change the status to Order Returned or Order Cancelled.

For global orders the maximum time period needed to be received is 60 days.

Depending on:

* The shipping method chosen from customer.

* If the chosen shipping method allow us the tracking number option or not.

* Custom offices delays.

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- Why are some orders cancelled or returned?

The most common reasons may be described below:

* False shipping details

* Product has not being collected exceeding the time limit of the courier company, with result to be returned back to us following their policy rules.

* Order Cancellation from customer.

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- What kind of designs Tokotoukan prefers?

We mostly prefer funny, humoristic and smart designs, without necessarily being our golden rule. Designs may easily be created with any possible way and submitted electronically with (.jpgs, .gifs, .pngs) formats. Design Softwares maybe very useful to achieve perfection!

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- What types of designs Tokotoukan declines?

We do not accept designs with offensive elements or themes (Racist and Pornographic freaks will not build any career as designers in Tokotoukan). Get a life!

Additionally designs including Company Logos, Elements or Characters are not our cup of tea and will not have great future.

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- How we chose what to print?

Designs are chosen based on the voting feedback result after the 2 week period are up for voting. Positive critiques, awesome comments and a huge amount of likes & shares is enough for the Tokotoukan Team to decide what to print between the most popular designs. Tokotoukan can change or modify chosen designs (if required)

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- How many colors should I use in my t-shirt design?

Each design may have up to 8 colors maximum in order to be compatible with all of our printing methods.

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- How do I know if my design has been chosen?

People will stop you for autographs and pictures! If not, you will receive an email notification, within 45 days from the submission date.

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- Best way to promote my design?

You got to be kidding us! Facebook and all the rest of Social Media do the job!

Make sure you are discreet enough not to be called a spammer.

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- Are you working with Global Designers?

No! You smell funny! Of course we are! We are happy to share our passion with every corner of this planet!

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- How long does it takes for a submitted design to be approved or declined?

Submitted designs need 1-2 working days to be approved or declined. Either way an email notification will be send to the designer informing whether the design is approved for voting or not. Approved designs will be uploaded on our Facebook page for voting periodically. Huge participation might increase approval period accordingly.

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- Which is the best way to submit my design?

Designs are preferred to be submitted in raw format and not flat. This way colors & backgrounds may be separated by layers.

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- How to improve my work?

Don’t give up! Hard work guarantees progress. Already printed designs are great examples to approach, demonstrate and create your ideas. It is wise to pay attention and focus on received comments. Keep learning and trying new techniques through internet tutorials or other resources.

We are pretty sure our community will welcome you and support you with any technical aspect you might need to improve your designs! Experienced designers are not here to be critical with your work, but for guiding and passing their knowledge!

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- What happens if Tokotoukan decide to sell one of my product(s) to retail store?

Each design chosen to be sold in Tokotoukan’s Retail Stores,designer will be informed via email and will be awarded with €20 Gift Card. The maximum production amount of each Retail Store design is 12 items. Sold out designs will be replaced with different ones.

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- Establishing Tokotoukan

Tokotoukan came to life in 2008. It was the result of passion and innovation for T-shirt design between 2 old school friends Giannis and Lazaros. Sharing the same interests and ideas was the starting kick to move to the next level, making their hobby profession.

The idea for an online t-shirt shop based in Greece with original designs and concepts was the main objective and guide to follow, from the very beginning until now. Tokotoukan’s designs dispose a huge variety of themes all based on Humor and smart ideas, grew surprisingly fast a huge fan base community around our company and products.

Viewing our products worn on the streets and TV was the best ever award for us and our efforts from the very early stages.

Besides our fresh ideas and unique designs, our products may be easily described as the finest material quality products, with our priority to continuously search and test high quality materials and printing methods. Dropping the quality of our products is nonnegotiable and definitely not our profit strategy.

Without being planned or expected, many recognized designers and not only, preferred and trusted their designs under our wings, committing the beginning for a great designing TEAM. By the years our designer’s TEAM became stronger and bigger making us proud and open for new ideas and different styles, by meeting awesome people who share the same passion as we do.

This is the main reason we moved further to invite every designer around the globe to submit his work by creating our new feature “submit & vote” designs in our new site.

2012 Tokotoukan proudly opened for public the first Retail Store based at Trikala confirming the huge success of our products during those years. Trikala was the best location for this begging and one of the most beautiful cities across Greece.

Our continuous success makes us hope for more Retail Stores across the country and discover the beauties of each city giving us the chance to meet our fans in person!

In other words Tokotoukan, may also be described as the 1st online t-shirt shop in Greece with original designs and concepts.

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- Privacy Policy

We do not rent, sell or distribute our customer base or newsletter e-mail contacts to anyone. Your privacy is important to us and is absolutely safe.

Your personal details during the ordering process are automatically protected and strictly used for order confirmation purposes only!

View more about privacy policy here

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- Contact us

Feel free to do so, either by:

1. Using our Contact form
Visit our contact form here, of find heeder tabs in our site, and choose the reason you ask for our help. Enter your email and your name and be sure that we will come back to you very soon.
If your question is regarding an order, please write provide us the order number.


2. By email
Email us directly at

Visit our Page on Facebook, and send us a personal message. We will happily answer to your questions.

Our goal is to respond back within the same working day providing high standards of customer services.

If you haven’t heard from us after 2 working days, please check your spam folder on your mailbox.

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- New Designs launch

We love designs and this is the reason we exist. Each week we demonstrate brand new designs in our page, bringing more options and fresh ideas to our fans keeping us updated and creative.

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- Is there any Tokotoukan store?

Oh Yes! Our Tokotoukan Retail Store is located at:

Tokotoukan – Retail Store

Kapodistriou & A. Komninis 17 str.,
Trikala, 42 100,
Phone: 801.222.1957
Store Hours:

Mon - Wed – Fri: 09:00 – 14.00 & 17.00 – 20.00 (GMT +2)
Tue – Thu – Sat: 09.00 – 14.30 (GMT +2)

Tokotoukan retail store’s inventory carries the most best selling, classic and latest of our designs. Visit our Retail Store Facebook page, and also visit our specific page, here


Alternatively you may visit us in our Headquarters to pick our readymade products, located:

Tokotoukan – Online Shop


Mon – Fri: 09:00 – 19.00 (GMT +2)

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- What is Tokotoukan?

The Tocotoukan (Ramphastos toco), also known as the Toucan or Common Toucan, is the largest and probably the best known species in the toucan family. It is found in semi-open habitats throughout a large part of central and eastern South America. It is a common attraction in zoos. (Wikipedia)

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- Special Thanks

- Our special Thanks go first to all of our clients, supporters and fans who trusted and enjoyed our designs & products helping us to successfully establish our vision and passion, inspiring us to conform and release our NEW Tokotoukan site offering countless brand new capabilities.



- Everyone who help us to finalize our project:

Our Team mates:

Andreas Kollaros our Programmer from Modulus, for his great professionalism and knowledge on programming. Achieving our new site’s advanced features smoothly and successfully.

- Katerina Kotti our Photographer
Definitely all of our products and designs are flattered by Katerina through her professional touch in photography. Great angles and poses will be featured in our new site only because of her and believe us there is no better way to visualize our products reflecting reality.

- Our Models (Katerina, Georgia, Nikoletta, Dianna, Tonia, Vassilis, Jack Frost, Jim)
Everyone who offered to pose for Katerina! You know who you are! Much love and special thanks to all of YOU recognising what you’ve been through. Trying every style of our products and for every colour to give countless poses for the camera is not always fun and needs a lot of patience.

We are more than surprised from the result of your work even if modelling is not your profession. You rock our world!

Manos Papatheodorou reports for duty 24/7, participating with huge enthusiasm to every upcoming challenge of our projects. Tokotoukan would like to special thank him for reviewing and elaborating the English texts of our page and for being a member of our designers TEAM.

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General Information


16, Dodekanisou str.
145 62, Marousi
Τηλ: +30210 8025658

Opening Hours

Monday - Friday,
10:00 - 15:00 & 17:30 - 20:00