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Νew Site Tokotoukan - New Features & Services

by Tokotoukan 04.06.2013


After one and a half year of hard work and research, NEW site is released!

New Design, New Functions, New Features & Services together with many New Products.



"We would like to Thank all of you, for your Love and preference for all of those years and we hope our efforts for all those new capabilities and services will award back your support."


See on the below list, few of those new features and services of our New Site!


1. Redeeming System

Eggs (points) is our point system to award our customers. Every purchase or social participation is awarded with Eggs (points).

  • With every order. Every 1€ of purchase, earns 10 Eggs
  • With every "Love" on our products. Every 10 Loves earns 1 Egg.
  • With every photo upload. With every photo upload on our Cool Customers section earns 50 Eggs.
  • With every photo upload. With every photo upload on our Real Life Size Info section earns 50 Eggs.
  • With every comment. With every 10 comments on our designs and products, earns 1 Egg.
  • Every Member subscription earns 10 Eggs.
  • Every Newsletters subscription earns 10 Eggs


Collect Eggs, and win Gift Cards that can be used for discount for our unique products in the future!


Eggs correspondence to Gift Certificates

  • 1500 "Available" Εggs, correspond to 10€ Gift Certificate
  • 2500 "Available" Εggs, correspond to 25€ Gift Certificate
  • 4000 "Available" Εggs, correspond to 50€ Gift Certificate


NOTE: Each time Eggs convert to Gift Certificate, the amount of them is reduced from the Earned Eggs section.


For the members that have already placed orders:

1. For every order took place from 1/1/2012 and afterwards are Valid in our new Egg point system. Look after the winning Egg point in the relevant section, that can be used directly for discounts or even for free products.

2. All members may log in to our New Site using their existing Usename/Password or email/password.



2. Design Submission & Vote Feature*

We have created “Submit / Vote” New Feature, where every designer may submit his design. Learn how, here.

Every Uploaded design will be available for Voting from our fans and other designers. Great Voting Feedback is enough to make the difference and your design to be our future print! Learn how.

Additionally, many design Contests with specific design themes will be announced continually, offering many cash & product rewards!

But most important, if your design is picked for printing, you get profits* per sale.



1. Full details regarding Submit & Vote features will be announced in our relevant section of our new site together with awards & prizes

2. Designs has to be reviewed and approved by Tokotoukan’s artwork team



3. Log In via Facebook or Google+

Use you existing Facebook or Google+ account to log in.



4. Quick Checkout

Quick Checkout allows non members to place their orders quickly and easy. Just add your favorite products to your Shopping Nest (Shopping Cart), select the payment and delivery options and that’s it!



5. Real Life Size Info

Real Life Size Info is a helpful feature for the user to compare size characteristics with our Real Life Size Models and to visualize the product’s size. In other words it is a virtual probe for each user to review product’s size and choose with more confidence the suitable size and style.

Learn how to upload photos at Real Life Size Info and see some examples.


6. Gift Certificates - (Gift Cards)

Gift Certificate is the best solution to avoid wrong choices or size or color when it comes to a present purchase. Of course it is difficult to choose between so many of products, styles and colors the suitable for your loved ones. However purchasing a Gift Card and offer it as a gift guarantees you the best choice!

Learn more about Gift Certificate, at our Info/Faq section.



7. Discount Coupons

Our new Discount coupons are available in many places. Found them and win instantly additional discounts on our products!


8. New products with our unique designs!

New products such as Art Prints, Stickers, Cooking Aprons, and many more are added continuously in our New site!

New Colors at:

  • Men's Casual Tee - ex [Men's Classic] - (Azure, Denim, Bottle Green, Diva Blue, Used Raspberry, Atoll, Used Black, Pool)
  • Men's Perfect Tee - ex [Men's Fit] - (Atoll, Deep Red, Used Yellow, Pumping Orange)
  • Women's Casual Tee - ex [Women's Classic] - (Deep Red, Used Black, Fuchsia, Green Moss, Diva Blue, Used Raspberry, Used Yellow)
  • Kids' Casual Tee - ex [Kids' Classic] - (Denim, Gold, Navy, Fuchsia, Burgundy, Atoll, Kelly Green, Azure, Yellow)

New Style:

  • Kids' Hoodie - (White, Black, Purple, Real Green, Light Navy, Sorbet, Very Turquiose, Royal Blue, Red, Pumping Orange)



9. Friendly User Interface

Site’s environment is more user’s friendly! With less and easy moves you may browse in it. Special filters and searching tools are only few additional features of the New site.

Top – Down Filter Analysis:

* SHOP – The very left tab on the top of the page. SHOP is the main filter to select the category of products by gender. You may also find Kids category together with Accessories and Gift Certificate.

* STYLE / PRODUCTS – The Style/Product filter helps the user to add an extra filter the products by style or by category of Products when it comes to Accessories. 
For example if your SHOP choice was Men tab, below Style/Products are shown the main categories of Men’s style such as Casual Tees and Perfect Tees. User may switch from Casual Tees to Perfect Tees or vice versa. Automatically all products will be filtered depending on the selected style category.

* CATEGORY - All of the products belong to a theme category (Funny, Sports, Music etc).  Users may easily filter products by category and review only the products that he is interested.

* SORT BY –Visitors may use this extra filter to check directly

- Most Viewed: to review all the most popular designs. Popular designs are those with the most positive feedback from other users such as comments and loves.
- Best Sellers: to review all the best selling designs
- New Designs: to review all the brand new designs

* COLLECTIONS – A sub filter to review Collections and Series of designs.

COLOR – This filter makes things easier for your final choice. It filters all products depending on the color range availability.

*SIZE – Size filter shorts products depend on the size availability.

*PRICE – Products may also filtered by price.



10. Product Profile

Each product is being presented analytically in the relevant section. User may review all the necessary information about each product

  • Design Title,
  • Designer's Name,
  • Style/Product availability
  • Color & Size availability
  • Design Description (Bird Brained?)
  • Printing Method (Fine feathers make fine birds)
  • Design Tags
  • More info about the Designer (Who gets the Glory)



11. Member’s Profile

Each member owns his/her personal profile page in our site. See Tokotoukan's profile, as an eaxmple.



12. New delivery and payment options

New ways of payment and delivery options have been added for each country.

Cash On Delivery option is available only for Tokotoukan’s members and available only for deliveries inside Greece.



13. Order Tracking (tracking number)*

Every user may have an access at any time to the status of his / her order, from the moment that have been produced and delivered.

*Where it’s available



14. Huge variety of features for our members and visitors

Our members and visitors may participate by

* 'Love' designs
* Comment designs
* 'Like' designs
* Posting at Pinterest or Google+ their favorite design
* Uploading their photos at Real Life Size Info & Cool Customers.

All the above actions, award our members only with Eggs.

Therefore be a member and make evry action of your count!


15. Designer Page – Member and designers only

Our Designers have an access to a very useful feature tool allowing the option to track the sales of his/her design/s in real time.



16. Order’s History / members only

Each member has the option to track and trace the history of his/her orders additionally with the earned Eggs.



17. New return policy

Return a product is an additional option in our new site! Products may be returned by either:

- Change with another product
- Credit Note
- Money Return

You may visit Return Policy Section for more information and instructions.

Return Form may be found on the backside of the electronic order receipt or here

Returned products must be on their original conditions without being worn or washed.



18. Easy Product Searching

Product’s search is now easier and simply. “Search” filed is very dynamic with many proposed results related to your key words.


19. Secure Environment

New site accommodates secure servers for the protection of your transactions and their security.


20. RSS Use

Using RSS keeps you updated for Tokotoukan News!


21. Compatibility

New site is compatible with most popular browsers, tablets, pc’s and smartphones.


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