Custom T-Shirts

All Tokotoukan members can be designers too! All it takes is inspiration and creativity

Every week, Tokotoukan’s creative team and fans choose which designs will get printed, by voting them in our official FACEBOOK page. So if you have some original ideas & designs, submit them now and take place among Tokotoukan’s succesful designers!

If your design is chosen, you instantly get a €50 Gift Card. The design is then adjusted in various Tokotoukan products. For every sale was made succesfully, you earn 7% of the product’s value in cash!

How it works

How it works

Submitting, voting & choosing design(s), is a 5-step process. Before you get started,  make sure that your design(s) meets all of Tokotoukan’s standards. For more information, visit our Rules & Prizes page.


Step 1 - Prepairing your Design

Using either of the templates below, create a PSD or EPS file, with a filename that matches your design title. Use a maximum of 8 colors, so that it can be compatible with all the printing methods we use. Choose a background color among the available t-shirt colors from our templates.

Download Photoshop Template
Download EPS Template


Step 2 - Submitting design

Submit your Design by pressing the button "Submit". Fill the appropriate fields (Design Title, Description, & Tags). Currently, we print on posters, stickers, mugs and cooking aprons. More accessories will be available very soon.


Step 3 - Voting

If your design meets all requirements, it gets uploaded in Tokotoukan’s Facebook Page. Our fans start voting (Like) and commenting for 2 weeks. Read more about how voting works here.


Step 4 - Choosing Designs

If during those 2 weeks your design receives enough positive critiques, Tokotoukan’s team reviews it for final improvements (if neccessary) and selects it for production. Read more about how designs are chosen here.


Step 5 - Production

Congratulations! Your design is uploaded in Tokotoukan and start making money  on every sale. A PayPal Account with the designers name will be required. For more information about rates & payments, visit our Submissions page in Info/FAQ.


Design Rejection

If your design gets rejected you will be informed via email. Some of the reasons of design rejection are: copyright issues, lack of originality, technical reasons (low image quality, incompatibility with the used printing methods), inappropriate content and more.

Don’t get disappointed though. Improve your idea and try again!