To Casual T-Shirt αλλάζει. Δείτε τα χαρακτηριστικά του νέου style.

Business Clothing

We want you to select the designs we print, that's why all the voting process takes place in our official page on Facebook. The main reason we've chosen this social network, is flexibility in ways of promoting and advertising your work. Every design that gets uploaded, is automatically seen by our growing community.

How you vote

The only requirement for voting our designs, is to have an active Facebook account. All you have to do is LIKE our page and you'll be able to see all submitted designs, every week, in our special “Vote Designs” area. You are then free to Like, Share or even Comment on your favourite submissions.

Choosing designs

All designs stay up for voting for 15 days. At the end of that time, we evaluate the critiques they've received. If critiques are mainly positive (a large number of LIKES / SHARES, cheerful comments or both), the design will possibly get selected. The finally decision is always taken by the Τokotoukan team, which is responsible for improving (if necessary) and finalizing the design. In case that a design does not receive good critiques, don't give up. Improve it and try again!

Voting & choosing designs isn't about eliminating one another, but being creative, open-minded and giving the same opportunities to everyone. That's why we will never choose a design over another that's equally good, unless it's a 'one winner' type of contest.