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Friday the 13th! Horror Tees! Earn -20% using the code FRIDAY13

by Tokotoukan 13.09.2013


Copy the code FRIDAY13 at the Check out page and earn -20% Off in all Tokotoukan products.

Worldwide Free Shipping for all orders over €60!

This offer is valid from 13/Sep/2013 till 15/Sep/2013!


How to use the code FRIDAY13

Add your lovely products at your Shopping Nest (Cart) and then go to "Checkout Page".At the very bottom of your shopping nest click on the "Gift Certificate / Coupon" link and enter the code FRIDAY13. Then press the blue button to apply. By then click “Apply” the amount of your original order will be deducted.

To cancel the use of your Gift Code, click “X” button next to the code in your Shopping Nest in case you changed your mind and you wish to use it next time, but remember... use it till 15th of September 2013.


Note: Shipping costs are not included



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